Cold Weather Has Nothing on You in These Chic Wool Coats, Okay??
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Cold Weather Has Nothing on You in These Chic Wool Coats, Okay??

Winter is on its way and I’m the girl happily transitioning out my lighter clothes for heavy fabrics, readying myself with soothing teas, and scrounging the internet for iconic outerwear to slay these chilly streets. Ya see, I am the queen of coats. I enjoy having fun with different silhouettes, textures, colors, and encouraging others (read: you) to do the same. Even if you don’t usually venture into styles that are out of your comfort zone, it’s still v important to find a coat that speaks most to you. And it’s imperative to find one that keeps you warm, which is why we’re here to discuss the very best wool coats.

Here’s the thing about wool: The material is naturally protective (and super warm) so it’s basically the perfect ingredient for coziness. There are also levels to this wool thang: You can find coats with a mix of wool and other materials or they can be straight up 100 percent wool. Quick head’s up, though: The higher percentage of wool in your coat, the more expensive it’ll be. (On the plus side, you’ll also be more insulated from the elements.) Whether you’re a lazy dresser, you’re into chill vibes, or you’re always getting dolled up, we’ve rounded up the best options that make sense for your wallet and personal style right here.

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